[PyKDE] tab creation or khtml part crashing

Marcos Dione mdione at grulic.org.ar
Mon Dec 18 00:37:38 GMT 2006

    hi again. I have this app which show a khtmlpart (with no
khtmlview). when a user clicks a link, I create a new tab with a
khtmlview and a khtmlpart. but when I try to show the new tab, it
craches. the code that creates the new tab is this:

    def openInNewTab (self, url, urlArgs):
        linkTab= QWidget(self.tabMaster)
        tabLayout= QVBoxLayout(linkTab,11,6)
        htmlView= KHTMLPart ()
        htmlView.openURL (url)
        newTab= KHTMLView (htmlView, linkTab)
        tabLayout.addWidget (newTab)
        self.tabMaster.addTab (linkTab, url.url ())

    self.tabMaster is the QTabWidget that contains the tabs. any hints
what could be wrong?

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