[PyKDE] connectSlotsByName do that really works in python?

Miguel Angel Cañedo mcanedo at grupogcm.com
Mon Dec 18 15:49:38 GMT 2006

El Domingo, 17 de Diciembre de 2006 16:16, Carles Pina i Estany escribió:
> I send a test that I have done now to learn to use Eric but I think that
> it can help him (if he hasn't finished it :-)  )

Thanks,  I already got to the same coclusion thanks to the Andreas comment.
I think that some sample code like yours should be included in the PyQt 
reference, I did not find a place telling where should that autoconect defs 
be declared it only talks about the decorators.

> without use eric should be:
> designer-qt test.ui
> pyuic -o Ui_test.py test.ui

Can you use pyuic(4) from inside Eric?, where?

> then, hvae this file:
> from Ui_test import *
> class main(QtGui.QMainWindow):
>         def __init__(self):
>             QtGui.QDialog.__init__(self)
>             self.ui = Ui_MainWindow()
>             self.ui.setupUi(self)
>         @QtCore.pyqtSignature("")
>         def on_pushButton_clicked(self):
>             self.ui.label.setText("hola")
> if __name__ == "__main__":
>         app=QtGui.QApplication(sys.argv)
>         window=main()
>         window.show()
>         sys.exit(app.exec_())
> This works fine. I have not looked deeply Miguel code, since I understood
> that he has everything in same file... and then is bad to change the UI :-)

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