[PyKDE] broken layout

Marcos Dione mdione at grulic.org.ar
Fri Dec 22 14:05:26 GMT 2006

    hi all, it's me again. :-P

    I'm developing an app with kdevelop 3.3.2. I built the ui[3] using
qtdesigner, and then I create a new .ui file[4], replacing the
QMainWindow with a KMainWindow (I think I already posted about this).

    while I'm designing it, or when I show it[1], it looks fine, but
when I run the app, it not only shows broken[2], it also complains:

QLayout "unnamed" added to KMainWindow "kress", which already has a layout

    I've hacked and whacked the .ui file with no success. any hints?

PD: I didn't attach the files to keep the mail at a small size.

[1] http://www.grulic.org.ar/~mdione/projects/kress/sshots/kress-real_layout.jpg

[2] http://www.grulic.org.ar/~mdione/projects/kress/sshots/kress-post-as-tab.jpg

[3] http://www.grulic.org.ar/~mdione/projects/kress/KressMainWindow.ui

[4] http://www.grulic.org.ar/~mdione/projects/kress/kressmainwindow.ui
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