[PyKDE] Eric: command line args with spaces in debugger

Robert Morrison orbert at orbert.net
Wed Mar 1 18:03:03 GMT 2006


Sorry for what may be a question with an obvious answer,
but I'm having trouble specifying quoted command line args 
in Eric in the debugger. In the "Debug Script" field 
"Commandline," I specify the value:

  "hello there" dolly

and what I want is:

  sys.argv[1] = "hello there"
  sys.argv[2] = "dolly"

but what I get is:

  sys.argv[1] = '"hello' 
  sys.argv[2] = 'there"'
  sys.argv[3] = "dolly"

Any way to get what I want? (Or do we cue the Rolling Stones?)


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