[PyKDE] sip searchs incorrectly for qmail specs

Sundance sundance at ierne.eu.org
Thu Mar 2 14:05:18 GMT 2006

On Thu, Mar 02, 2006 at 12:33:23PM +0100, Andreas Pakulat wrote:

> Right and that was caused by you not setting the QTDIR variable
> properly. QTDIR should point to /usr/share/qt not /usr.

Actually, I understand that Qt 4 doesn't use $QTDIR anymore, so I 
imagine that sooner or later the PyQt build process will have to do 

It doesn't have to be too complicated, either. A few command line 
options to set the include path, the lib path and the bin path 
manually, without changing anything else, should suffice in order to 
please The People. A lot of distributions try to install Qt cleanly 
within their own directory structure, and forcing them to set a bunch 
of symbolic links in some directory in order to emulate Qt's default 
one-dir-for-all structure might not make them exceedingly happy with 
us, I don't know. Just a thought, anyway.

-- S.

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