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Patrick Stinson patrickkidd at gmail.com
Fri Mar 3 17:31:43 GMT 2006

post some code?

On 3/3/06, Bowen, Brian M <bmbowen at sandia.gov> wrote:
> Hi - I am having some trouble populating a Qtable with Qt 3.3. For small
> tables, everything works fine. However, once the size of the table
> becomes larger than my screen, I can no longer populate some of the
> cells. The problematic cells are the ones that exist outside of the
> viewing area (e.g. you have to scroll to see them).
> In addition, I am also getting errors like this:
> QGVector::insert:Index 182 Out of range
> Any ideas on what my problem might be? Are there any know issues?
> Thank you,
> Brian Bowen
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