[PyKDE] QProcess: more guidance needed

Tina Isaksen tina at bestemselv.com
Mon Mar 6 18:11:54 GMT 2006

David Boddie wrote:

>Still, you need to know what the other process is asking for, so there
>may be a way to tell by monitoring the output of the process. I imagine
>that "apt-get upgrade" asks specific questions by writing to stdout and
>reading back from stdin, so you might be able to look for these messages
>in its output.
>Of course, what you look for depends on the language in use - I notice that
>your application is running a Norwegian language version of apt-get
>  http://developer.berlios.de/dbimage.php?id=2608
>so things could get interesting if you're looking for specific English
>strings in the output. :-)
Yes, I have already thought about that and it's indeed the language that 
is the problem with that approach. So I was thinking that if I could 
catch the process waiting for input I could pick up the question (since 
I know what it asks for and what form it has. Like: "Do you want to 
continue [Y/n]?" Then let an 'OK' button or something feed the upper 
case letter to stdin).

Oh... hey, that might just work if I can 'detect' the brackets from the 
stdout output..??
I'll play with it and see how it goes.


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