[PyKDE] QProcess: more guidance needed

Tina Isaksen tina at bestemselv.com
Wed Mar 8 18:20:28 GMT 2006

David Boddie wrote:

>Have you tried sending "y\n" to the process's stdin, just as you would
>type it in a console?
Not sure I understand what you mean. In a console one types "y[enter]" 
or "n[enter]"
Actually only 'y' or 'Y' matters. Every other response causes apt-get to 

And that's the weird part because even if I send a y or an Y, it will 
abort. I also tried to convert it to ascii numbers with no success. But 
the simple fact that it aborts must mean that it in fact reads that I 
send 'something' to stdin, right?


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