[PyKDE] QProcess: more guidance needed

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Fri Mar 10 11:51:10 GMT 2006

On 10.03.06 04:29:25, Tina Isaksen wrote:
> Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> >>I gave up. I just could not get a QProcess write to a process stdin.
> >>   
> >
> >I'll see if I can write up a small example to test this. Maybe you just
> >hit a bug...
> > 
> Great. I'm very interested in why I failed to make it work.

Here you go, the attached program works for me, after 5 seconds apt-get
correctly gets the "y". Note that the "\n" after it is needed, because
else apt doesn't get that this is all you want to send.


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