[PyKDE] question re QImage.setPixel in PyQt3

Tony Willis Tony.Willis at nrc-cnrc.gc.ca
Fri Mar 10 17:36:00 GMT 2006


I'm using PyQt3.13 and have run across a problem with the
python interface to the QImage setPixel method.  You can see this
directly by replacing line 90 of examples3/desktop.py
image.setPixel(x,y, qRgb(x,y,0))

this will result in error messsages such as
Image::setPixel: index=-16050688 out of range

A call to Qimage.setColor with a qRgb object does work.

The problem is that the setPixel method is expecting an
unsigned int - the call in the original demo will work
because (x+y)%128 will not get near the sign bit for a
python int, whereas  qRgb(x,y,0) can return an unsigned
value > the range of a python int.

I see that qimage.sip has void setPixel(int,int,uint);
whereas it has void setColor(int,QRgb);

Thanks for any advice on how to get around this problem.


Tony Willis
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