[PyKDE] Problem with Eric3

pierre.levy pierre.levy at infonie.fr
Sat Mar 18 14:03:42 GMT 2006


I am a new user of Eric3 and PyQt and I need help.

When I try to compile *.ui  file in Projects Form Browser nothing happens. No *.py file is created.
I have the same problem if I want to Generate Subclass. Eric asks me for path, but then nothing happens.

QT path in preferences is D:\Python24\bin, but qt-mt3.dll, qscintilla.dll and sip.exe are in D:\Python24\
designer.exe and pyuic.exe are also in D:\Python24\bin.

I am under:

Windows XP SP2
Python 2.4.2
Qt 3.3.4
PyQT 3.13
sip 4.1.1
Qscintilla 1.5.1
Eric snapshot-20050410
Bicycle Repair Man CVS-20041120

Eric snapshot-20050410 and PyQT is from http://pythonqt.vanrietpaap.nl/  (PyQtGPL10.exe)

Thank you for help.

Pierre Levy

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