Fwd: Fwd: [PyKDE] Qt objects subclasses and __dict__ copies

Tina Isaksen tina at bestemselv.com
Wed Mar 22 04:05:28 GMT 2006

Daniele Varrazzo wrote:

>>What version? AFAIK this was fixed with SIP 4.2 over a year ago.
>Whichever version is included in the debian package "python-qt3
>(3.13-4)", which is the most recent stable version available for debian:
Debian stable is getting a bit old. Stable does not recieve packages 
updates (except for security fixes and grave bug fixes I believe) so the 
version in stable is whatever version was available when stable was 

With rapid changing packages your best bet is to either try and pull 
them from unstable or compile them from source. Or, of course, live with 
it untill the next stable release.


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