[PyKDE] PyQt4 uic bug

Eric Gach eric at php-oop.net
Tue Mar 21 16:00:32 GMT 2006


There seems to be a problem with pyuic4 and generating the code when 
using QDockWidget. There's a setting that can be seen in the Qt Designer 
for QDockWidget that is called "docked". This isn't documented in the Qt 
documentation for QDockWidget, which is why it gave me so much trouble. :)

It seems that when this setting is true (or 1 in the XML output), it 
calls the addDockWidget method of the window it's using to make sure the 
dock widget is properly docked in the designated area. The pyuic4 
program doesn't seem to pick up on this and add it into the code 
anywhere. I solved it myself by just adding this code:


I added this into my class that uses the uic generated code. Other than 
that, everything else seems to be working great!

Thanks for the great work!
Eric Gach

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