[PyKDE] Sugestions for PyQt4

Giovanni Bajo rasky at develer.com
Wed Mar 22 13:04:43 GMT 2006

Eric Jardim <ericjardim at gmail.com> wrote:

>> How do you plan to modify pyuic4 so to infer the context without a
>> "self."? It's going to be non-trivial.
> There is no need to change pyuic4 to get the context. We just have to
> the Python stack to know in which class we are calling the "tr" function.
> Someone (I think it was Bruno Silva) sugested this a long time ago. I
> it is still on the list archive.

Maybe I don't understand what you are proposing, but:

class Foo(QObject):
     def bah(self):
           QLabel(tr("Hello"), self)

pyuic4 needs to generate the .ts file where the "Hello" string is placed
within the "Foo" context. How do you plan to do that?
Giovanni Bajo

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