[PyKDE] SIP installation error - QT_INSTALL_LIBS

Pete Wallace pete at drunkpiano.org.uk
Fri Mar 24 17:05:58 GMT 2006


I am running Slackware 10.2 on a AMB K6.2 box. This is connected to a HP 
PSC1110 printer. Inorder to use the full functionality of this printer I 
have installed HPLIP drivers etc, which work fine. Part of this software 
is a GUI app called HP-Toolbox which allows management of the printer 
within X. The dependancies for HP-TOOLBOX include sip and PyQT.

I installed the SIP & PyQT Binaries from Linuxpackages.net to find they 
didn't work --> no QT installed. Couldn't find a QT binary for slackware 
to decided to install from Source. SO I installed QT 4.1.1 with the 
following commands:

# python configure.py -prefix=/usr/local/qt
# gmake
# gmake install.

No errors reported so I decided to install SIP from source as follows:

# python configure.py
# make
# make install

This worked fine however when i cam in install PyQT from source it 
informed me SIP had been built without QT support. This was due to there 
being no QTDIR environemnt defined on my system...so I defined it as 
QTDIR = /usr/local/qt. and tried to rebuild SIP (after removing previous 
sip version):

# python configure.py

Failed. it returned the following error:

Error: /usr/local/qt/mkspec/default/qmake.conf: macro '[QT_INSTALL_LIBS] 
is not defined.

Can someone point me in the right direction? is it sip or my install of 
QT that is at fault?



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