[PyKDE] QStringList &QStringList::operator+=(const QString &) missing from PyQt?

Nigel Stewart ns at fluent.com
Sat Mar 25 00:53:23 GMT 2006

Hello all,

I noticed that operator+=(const QString &) doesn't work from
Python, even though it is documented as part of the Qt 3.3 API:


         l = QStringList()

Doesn't work:
         l = QStringList()
         l += QString("Hello")
         l += QString("World")

Perhaps it needs to be added to qstringlist.sip

PyQt-x11-gpl-snapshot-20060323/sip/qt $ grep operator qstringlist.sip
         QString operator[](int);
         QStringList operator[](SIP_PYSLICE);
         QStringList operator+(const QStringList &);
         QStringList &operator+=(const QStringList &);
         QStringList operator*(int);
         QStringList &operator*=(int);
         bool operator==(const QStringList &);
         bool operator!=(const QStringList &);

Since I switch a lot between C++ and Python perhaps I'm more likely
than most to discover this kind of issue. :-)

We're using Sip 4.3.2 and PyQt 3.15.1


Nigel Stewart

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