[PyKDE] How To Publish a pyqt application

Gerard Vermeulen gerard.vermeulen at grenoble.cnrs.fr
Tue Mar 28 11:05:33 BST 2006

On Tue, 28 Mar 2006 11:35:21 +0200
<linux at lexpress.net> wrote:

> Hello all
> thanks for that nice mailling-list ; and also pyqt .
> but i have a serious problem with pyqt.
> the problem is that i can't (or i don't know how to) 
> publish my applications written using pyqt .
> as you know every pyqt application begins with from qt 
> import * and qt itself imports sip and qscintilla .
> so if i give my .py application to some one who has only 
> linux installed with python it won't work because he don't 
> have pyqt installed
> i have tried cx-freeze in order to build a binary 
> executable but it comes with a lot of errors .
> so all that for me is a serious problem and i can't 
> distribute my application
> is there a way to create a .tar.gz file for my 
> applications ?? so that the other users will just type 
>  $python configure.py && make && makeinstall
> or provide me with an other solution 
> thanks !

A possibility is to install Python, Qt and PyQt and your
application in for instance /home/yourhome/usr.

You can do this with Python's
./configure --prefix=/home/yourhome/usr

For Qt you have to do something similar.

Add /home/yourhome/usr to the front of your PATH
environment variable and install PyQt (you have
to specify where to find Qt). 

Make a tar.gz of the /usr directory and distribute
the tar.gz.  All you have to do is to instruct your
users to unpack your tar.gz and to modify their PATH
environment variable.

The disadvantage is that your tar.gz will be really big.

Voila -- Gerard

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