[PyKDE] How To Publish a pyqt application

Nigel Stewart ns at fluent.com
Tue Mar 28 17:20:29 BST 2006

>> is there a way to create a .tar.gz file for my 
>> applications ?? so that the other users will just type 
>>  $python configure.py && make && makeinstall
> A possibility is to install Python, Qt and PyQt and your
> application in for instance /home/yourhome/usr.

     We distribute (closed source) applications
     with Qt, Python, Sip and PyQt custom built
     for baseline Suse/Win32/Solaris/etc environments.
     The tarball size isn't too bad.  But it is
     a fair effort to rebuild all the stuff for
     each new version of Qt/Python/etc...

     If you have success with cx-freeze, make sure
     you mention that here... :-)


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