[PyKDE] Bug in Sip 4.4 and snapshot-2006-03-25 sipgen/gencode.c

Nigel Stewart ns at fluent.com
Wed Mar 29 00:26:09 BST 2006

Lines 8231-8235
> 		prcode(fp,",sipMappedType_%T,%s);\n"
> 			, ad, (isTransferredBack(ad) ? "Py_None" : "NULL"));
> 		prcode(fp,");\n"
> 			);

It appears that the closing ");" is written twice in the case that
an output parameter is a mapped type.  The suggested patch is to remove
the last two lines quoted here.

If necessary I can provide further details, but the fix seems reasonably
clear from local inspection.


Nigel Stewart

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