[PyKDE] How To Publish a pyqt application

V. Armando Sole sole at esrf.fr
Wed Mar 29 16:13:14 BST 2006

Hi Phil,

At 13:49 29/03/2006 +0000, Phil Thompson wrote:
>On Wednesday 29 March 2006 2:20 pm, V. Armando Sole wrote:
> > If you use a commercial version of Qt, you will have to use the VendorID
> > package (available from Riverbank) and build a signed version of cx_freeze.
> > If you use PyQt4 you will not have that problem.
>If you need to use VendorID with PyQt3 then you will also need to use it with
>PyQt4 as the commercial licenses are the same.

I have an application that may run under PyQt3 with Qt3 and under PyQt4 
with Qt4.

Since I have installed the commercial PyQt3 and Qt3, and the GPL PyQt4 and 
Qt4 on the same machine, I only use vendorID when I freeze my application 
with the commercial bindings. I do not break any license agreement if I do 
not use VendorID on the GPL PyQt4 and GPL Qt4 binding under those 
conditions (provided I give access to the source code).



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