[PyKDE] Autorefresh in file manager

Reza Salari resal81 at yahoo.com
Wed Nov 1 00:28:32 GMT 2006


I wrote a simple file manager for my program and thus I dug  some filesystem  classes of Qt.  Now I have two question:
1-Is there a way to provide file manager an "auto-refresh" capability? I mean something like Konq in which when I create some file from Konsole, Konq will instantly show it. Do I have to implement a loop for constantly checking current directory or there is a simpler way?

2- I found Qt has lots of useful classes for filesystem related tasks (QDir,QFile,...), while python has methods of similar functionalities. I used both of them (Qt's and python's) and found no major difference in my simple program from speed aspect (although working with Qt's was simpler). I ask my question in general, which one better to use as a habit? Which one do you use for your serious programs? or it doesn't really matter? 

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