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Gregor Kling gregor.kling at dvz.fh-giessen.de
Thu Nov 2 11:18:11 GMT 2006

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> test it, I think that this method called from QEvent or from onclick
> Event should do the same. Or maybe you call two times too fast and there
> is some problem because you haven't read the data first time and you
> call again. But I don't think so..., just an idea
When I do the following (just for testing), I can indeed see the results:
def eventFilter(self,object,event):
    if(event.type() == QtCore.QEvent.Type(QtCore.QEvent.User+0)):
        host = event.get_data()
        self.found.append(host) <<----
        return True
    return QtGui.QWidget.eventFilter(self,object,event)
I have added a button to call the method that does filling the table
widget. If I press the button after some time I can see the output of
all the data that has gathered up to this time.

I am curious now how to use the event system in the intended manner.
Where am I going to add some anything (waits ?) to get the right
functionality ?
So I think I have to spend some more time with manuals :-)

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