[PyKDE] Multiple PyQt version in one Python installation

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Mon Nov 6 21:13:03 GMT 2006

On 06.11.06 21:01:59, Simon Edwards wrote:
> On Monday 06 November 2006 08:18, Andreas Pakulat wrote:
> > On 05.11.06 19:20:00, Simon Edwards wrote:
> > This is no different than an upgrade of libstdc++ would work, if they
> > change their ABI or even API. You can't install 2 versions of that
> > either, because as soon as the "basic libs" (like Qt for
> > Qt/KDE/PyKDE/PyQt apps) compile against it your applications will break
> > and you have to recompile everything.
> libstdc++ is a different case since it depends on so much stuff it is not 
> practical to produce separate packages for applications that are compiled 
> against different libstdc++ versions.

Actually there are multiple libstdc++ in Debian, its just that the
libaries and apps that depend on it all depend on the same version
(except during the transition time).

> This is different than the situation for Python modules. They are packaged in 
> separate packages which can be installed in parallel (e.g. python2.4-ldap and 
> python2.5-ldap).

Thats wrong, at least for Debian. They provide only python-ldap.

> Mind you, looking in the package manager right now I can see 5 different 
> versions of libstdc++ that I can install if need be.


> > And when you compare the situation of PyQt3/PyQt4 to that of old/new sip
> > version your comparing apples and pears. The proper comparison would be
> > between 2 different versions of PyQt4, which cannot be installed
> > together and you might have a similar problem there.
> I _am_ talking about installing two different versions of PyQt. One compiled 
> on sip API X and another with sip API X+1. I would like that to work as 
> smoothly as PyQt3 and PyQt4.

Well, David has proposed something to install sip as python egg...

Anyway I think I wasn't quite yet awake this morning. I can totally
agree with you that in cases where sip changes API or ABI compatibility
it would be nice to install new and old version side-by-side for
easier transition.


Your goose is cooked.
(Your current chick is burned up too!)

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