[PyKDE] PyQt4 and win98

Michael Towers gradgrind at tiscali.de
Wed Nov 8 14:03:20 GMT 2006

Phil Thompson wrote:
>> Hi,
>> I may be doing something stupid (such as trying it on win98!) but it
>> seems not to work - Qt4.2.1 demos work fine, PyQt4.1 installation went
>> ok, but 'from PyQt4 import QtCore' gives 'DLL load failed'.
> I'm afraid that you will have to diagnose the problem yourself.
> Phil

Well, I just managed it.

1) Just in case, to extend the environment space (I found this somewhere 
on the internet):

  - add the following line to the CONFIG.SYS file in the root directory
  - add the following line to the SYSTEM.INI file (in c:\windows) under 
the heading [NonWindowsApp]
  - reboot your computer

2) Add to C:\autoexec.bat:

set PATH=C:\Qt\4.2.1\bin;C:\MinGW\bin;%PATH%

It seems to work fine now.

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