[PyKDE] Windows install broken

V. Armando Sole sole at esrf.fr
Wed Nov 15 08:02:38 GMT 2006


At 08:56 13/11/2006 +0100, Xavier Décoret wrote:
>My concern is for other people (the one I target with an open-source 
>application). If they cannot simply install PyQt, they won't use my soft 
>;-). So I am trying to figure out wether it is a problem on my station, or 
>a general problem with the installers.

I faced the same problem as you: If the end user has to install everything 
needed to run my code my code is dead. If you target non-programers then 
don't ask them to install a development system. For python programs under 
windows I use cx_freeze to generate an stand-alone application and the 
nullsoft installer (nsis project at sourceforge) to deploy it. The download 
may be huge, but for the end user is really easy to install the code.

Best regards,


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