[PyKDE] Focus without window manager

Felipe Massia Pereira felipe at las.ic.unicamp.br
Mon Nov 27 11:51:51 GMT 2006

Dear list,

we are developing an installer and it runs without window manager on a
livecd. The program has a main frame which fills up the entire X screen and
some times we open a simple dialog (modal, Yes/No). The problem is, when we
open a modal dialog, the focus follows mouse. Keyboard input should go to
this modal dialog but it follows mouse, unexpectedly being stealed by the
main frame (which is below the dialog). So the user must move the mouse
above the dialog for keys to work. Too bad...

Any ideas on how can I prevent focus to follow mouse?

I tried to use Xlib and disable some events with eventfilters and I tried to
overload focusInEvent for the main frame. I have no experience on this and I
had no success.

thanks in advance,
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