[PyKDE] pylupdate4 parse error on files with .pyw extension

Andreas Pakulat apaku at gmx.de
Wed Nov 29 15:32:51 GMT 2006

On 29.11.06 16:05:53, Martin Kiebacher wrote:
> Hello list,
> when i try to create a .ts-file from my python-script with
> .pyw-extension, i'm getting the following error message from
> pylupdate4:
> XML error: Parse error at line 1, column 1 (error occurred while
> parsing element).
> form_04.pyw: Parse error in UI file
> A ts-file is being created, but without the necessary elements in it.
> When i rename the file-extension to .py everything works fine!
> Here is the command-line i used:
> pylupdate4 -verbose src\form_04.pyw -ts translations\form_de.ts
> os is windows xp.

Fix is simple, change pylupdate/main.cpp line 241 to read:
		if ( fi.suffix() == "py" || fi.sufffix() == "pyw" ) {

If you're using PyQt4 binaries, I guess you have to wait until Phil
fixes this in a snapshot.


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