[PyQt] How do I embed a video player?

Henning Schröder henning.schroeder at gmail.com
Fri Jun 1 00:16:48 BST 2007


2007/5/31, David Boddie <david at boddie.org.uk>:
> On Thu May 31 07:15:46 BST 2007, Nahuel Defossé wrote:
> > Is it possible to embed a video player (like mplayer, or xine) in a PyQt
> > app.
> > If so, is it possible to go fullscreen and back?
> As far as I can tell, there have been a couple of people working on this
> recently:
> [..]
I wrote my own MPlayer widget. If you are interested look here:
Seeking and changing the volume would be very easy to add.


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