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Thu Mar 8 10:26:06 GMT 2007

CVS download, find qtmod.sip-in, find the line '%Include
qsgistyle.sip' and comment it out ('//', not '#'), and then rebuild
PyQt from scratch (do a make on the toplevel directory, not just on
the .cpp files). My guess is your qt lib is missing the entire
QSGIStyle class, and 'metaObject' is just the first method that
shows up as missing. (If other classes depend on QSGIStyle, this
won't work, but sip will complain about it early on)

Unfortunately, I don't know of any easier way to find this (and
any other missing classes) except to go through the entire build
process on PyQt and then have 'make install' fail. It's probably
best to build Qt with everything included.


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