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Thu Mar 8 10:26:06 GMT 2007

the complete format string is "siiiNie"), "yourdata" is simply a 
Python string. a4 is the Python list of QRgb instances.

The reason you're getting the error message about "too many
arguments" is that there is a constructor that takes a list
of strings as its only argument, and the code thinks you're 
calling that constructor..

You want 'buffer' to be a Python string, not a list to call the 
constructor you're calling. I haven't needed to figure out how 
to put 8 bit chars into a string efficiently, but you can do 
things like:

    buffer = "a" + chr (255)


    buffer = "a\xff"

I think Detlev draws some icons in some of the eric Python code - 
I'm not sure if they're QImages, but the method should be 
similar. If you have eric, you can take a look at that.


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