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Thu Mar 8 10:26:06 GMT 2007


The only thing I could suggest is that line 427 has been somehow 
altered. Otherwise (much as I hate to do it) I'd suspect a 
hardware problem. For example, I had a CPU overheating that 
would cause random errors similar to this.

This is a problem with sip parsing PyQt's qevent.sip. Consider 
that you've probably already built PyQt using the same code (or 
presumably someone has if you're using packaged binaries for 
sip/PyQt) and run it through the same version of sip 

You can try removing the "virtual" qualifier from that line so 
it's just:


or comment the line out (//) altogether. This doesn't affect PyQt 
(unless you rebuild - then you don't want to have modified the 
line). It shouldn't cause any problems with PyKDE though (unless 
it causes a linking problem ??)

I can't duplicate this, since I've run this build a lot of times 
already without problem (or this problem anyway). I guess I'd 
start with the modifications above, and see if anything else in 
the build process fails that might give a better indication of 
the cause.

Which distribution/version are you using?


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