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Thu Mar 8 10:26:06 GMT 2007

scripting, I'd like to have a sip-compatible, Qt-agnostic C++ 
layer and then any Qt-required stuff alongside or on top of 
that, even if it's all in a single lib.

If you want to go from libpythonize, then I just need a good test 
case to work from. The QtDesigner stuff Roland Schulz was doing 
seems a like a good place to start, esp since it doesn't drag in 
extraneous KDE stuff, and produces something useful besides. I 
either have enough code from Roland already or can probably get 
the latest from him.

On the other hand, if you want to start over from scratch and do 
something different, that's OK with me too. It isn't a lot of 
lines of code to write - they just need to be the right lines. 
I'd suggest whoever gets to it first just give everyone else a 
"heads-up". Like I said, I'm not obsessed with doing this, but I 
need it to work with some of the KDE/PyKDE related stuff (panel 
applets and all of David's stuff).


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