[PyKDE] Unexplained delay calling Python method- partial explanation

Tony Cappellini cappy2112 at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 07:13:26 GMT 2007

When I set the breakpoint in the debugger, I had inadvertently set it
on this line
      FileDialog = QFileDialog()

I really wanted to set the breakpoint on
the getOpenFileNames() call.

However, I've FOUND the source of the unexplained delay,
it's the call to QFileDialog()/.

Why does this call take more than 10 seconds??

I"m guessing it's a Windows-specific issue.
Have any other windows users seen this problem?

  def fileOpen(self):
      Displays the file open dialogue, allows the user to select patches
      to be converted.
      FileDialog = QFileDialog()
      FileDialog.setFilters(['*.pch', '*.*'])
      msg = QApplication.translate("MainWindow", "Select patch files
To Convert",  None, QApplication.UnicodeUTF8 )
      #self.ui._TargetFilesToConvert =
QFileDialog.getOpenFileNames(None, msg , os.getcwd(), '*.pch *.*')
      self._TargetFilesToConvert =
list(FileDialog.getOpenFileNames(None, msg , os.getcwd()))
      if self._TargetFilesToConvert:

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