[PyKDE] QObject.findChildren doesn't work as expected with QRegExp

Kerri Reno kreno at yumaed.org
Fri Mar 2 02:53:45 GMT 2007

I have the following code:

	def testfindChildren(self):
		hLayout = QtGui.QHBoxLayout()

		print self.findChild(QtGui.QHBoxLayout,'hLayout_0')
		children = self.findChildren(QtGui.QHBoxLayout,QtCore.QRegExp('\w*'))
		for c in children:
			print c.objectName()
		print self.findChildren(QtGui.QHBoxLayout,QtCore.QRegExp('hLayout_\d'))

that gives me the following output:

<PyQt4.QtGui.QHBoxLayout object at 0x019F0B70>


The first line is returned from the findChild, the second (hLayout_0)
and third (blank line) are returned from print c.objectName().

The one I need, findChildren with a QRegex does not return hLayout_0 in
the list.  Am I doing something wrong here?  Is this a bug?  I can't see
anything in the docs that explains what's happening.


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Kerri Reno
kreno at yumaed.org      (928) 502-4240

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