[PyKDE] PyQt 4 doesn't allow to create an application, given an already open display. How to solve it?

mikos at centrum.cz mikos at centrum.cz
Wed Mar 7 20:07:53 GMT 2007

I want to write application in PyQt 4 which will be using real transparency (ARGB visuals).
Qt 4 doesn't have native support for top level widgets with ARGB visuals, but you can
get around it by opening display with xlib / xrender and passing it to QApplication.
There is simple example how to do it (in C++):

But in PyQt 4, I can't do it, QApplication in PyQt 4 doesn't allow you to pass already
opened display, visual and colormap to it. As I said, in Qt 4 it isn't problem, look here:

So this is only limitation of PyQt 4, not Qt 4. Can you please fix it?

Michal Krenek (Mikos)

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