[PyQt] dcop kdesktop KBackgroundIface setWallpaper

Jonas Häggqvist rasher at rasher.dk
Fri Mar 9 07:55:55 GMT 2007

I'm trying to set the wallpaper from a python script, but not having
much luck. In my search, I found
http://lists.kde.org/?l=pykde&m=115083016831166&w=2 which lists
something that works, most of the way.

The following works:

#Create DCOP clients
import kdecore
import dcopext
dcopclient = kdecore.KApplication.dcopClient()
dcopapp = dcopext.DCOPApp("kdesktop", dcopclient)

Now comes the problem, actually setting the wallpaper.

dcopapp.KBackgroundIface.setWallpaper("/path/to/file", 3)

This doesn't work, simply returns (False, None). How am I supposed to
pass the arguments? The dcop executable says "void setWallpaper(QString
wallpaper,int mode)", but I believe I've tried just about every possible
combination now (and a few impossible ones).

Or did Richard just leave out some more stuff in his post? I can read
the current wallpaper just fine (and set it using the dcop executable).

I'm using python-kde from Debian unstable (3.15.2+20060422-3, it claims).

Jonas H

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