[PyQt] i18n() in pyKDE -- some strings remain untranslated

Henrik Pauli ralesk at muszaki.info
Sun Mar 18 15:25:22 GMT 2007

Hi all,

I've been using PyQt and PyKDE for about half a year now and have made
my software translatable too — and it works like a charm, for the most
part.  See, almost every string gets the new, translated names, yet
some don't, and it's always the same ones.  And, strangely enough,
they are created just the same as every other string that works!

is the bug, with a screenshot provided on the bottom of that page.

It does it with every language — the .po files contain the entries
just fine, and so do the .mo files.  And for example the mentioned
lines look like this:

137 			self.preformatComboBox = KComboBox(False, self, "preformatComboBox")
138 			self.preformatComboBox.insertItem(i18n("Automatically format entry"), 0)
139 			self.preformatComboBox.insertItem(i18n("Don't preformat entry"), 1)

Which should be just right... (give or take a few curly apostrophes
modified by GMail as I write this message)

Could someone help me out a little?  Because I just can't see what's
wrong — it's exactly the same as the other entries that work.


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