[PyQt] Re: i18n() in pyKDE -- some strings remain untranslated

David Boddie david at boddie.org.uk
Fri Mar 23 15:12:42 GMT 2007

On Fri Mar 23 05:00:47 GMT 2007, Henrik Pauli wrote:

> Sorry to bump this, but does anyone have an idea? :)  I’ve been looking for 
> what could be wrong for weeks now and it just doesn’t occur to me what I 
> could be doing wrong…

I hoped someone else would catch this - I don't have any experience with
translations in KDE.

> It does it with every language — the .po files contain the entries
> just fine, and so do the .mo files.  And for example the mentioned
> lines look like this:
> 137                     self.preformatComboBox = KComboBox(False, self,
>                             "preformatComboBox") 
> 138                     self.preformatComboBox.insertItem(
>                             i18n("Automatically format entry"), 0) 
> 139                     self.preformatComboBox.insertItem(
>                             i18n("Don't preformat entry"), 1) 
> Which should be just right... (give or take a few curly apostrophes
> modified by GMail as I write this message)

That looks OK.

> Could someone help me out a little?  Because I just can't see what's
> wrong — it's exactly the same as the other entries that work.

Without seeing the actual files, it's difficult to be able to say. I'd
suggest things like mismatches between the encodings used in the source
code and the translation files, but I don't even know if that could be
an issue.

Can you direct us to some example .po, .mo and .py files that show the
problem? Or even to a minimal example somewhere?


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