[PyQt] PyQt(3) QDockWindow error

V. Armando Sole sole at esrf.fr
Wed Mar 28 15:55:01 BST 2007

Thanks, that fixed it.


At 16:01 28/03/2007 +0200, Giovanni Bajo wrote:
>On 3/28/2007 3:21 PM, V. Armando Sole wrote:
>>I have problems with the latest PyQt snapshot (February) and latest sip 
>>The problems come from the fact QDockWindow.boxLayout() returns a 
>>QSpacerItem instead of a QBoxLayout.
>>At the python promt :
>>import qt
>>app = qt.QApplication([])
>>w = qt.QDockWindow()
>><qt.QSpacerItem object at 0x405a882c>
>>That does not happen with the non snapshot versions of sip and PyQt3. My 
>>problem is that I need the latest sip snapshots in order to avoid the 
>>deadlocks in PyQt4 threads and the non-snapshot version of PyQt3 does not 
>>compile with the latest sip snapshot.
>Yes, I had reported this problem to Phil Thompson already. The bug was 
>introduced with this commit:
>2007/02/25  0:19:29  phil
>Included Matt Newell's fix for making sure that a sub-class convertor 
>returns the most specific type available.
>You can apply the attached patch to workaround the problem, until Phil 
>provides the correct fix.
>Giovanni Bajo
>Index: siplib/siplib.c
>--- siplib/siplib.c (revision 11838)
>+++ siplib/siplib.c (revision 11839)
>@@ -5340,7 +5340,9 @@
>                   * ensures that there will be no more than one and that 
> it will
>                   * be the right one.
>                   */
>-                if (subtype != NULL && !PyType_IsSubtype((PyTypeObject 
>*)type, (PyTypeObject *)subtype))
>+                // GIOVANNI: this is buggy!
>+                //if (subtype != NULL && !PyType_IsSubtype((PyTypeObject 
>*)type, (PyTypeObject *)subtype))
>+                if (subtype != NULL)
>                      return subtype;
>              }

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