[PyQt] problem with sip

Bart. uzi18 at o2.pl
Sat Mar 31 23:31:09 BST 2007

Hi Everyone!
My name is Bartek Zimon
It's my begining with PyQt 3 befor only pyuic (it works great :). 

I want to add python scripting to Qt Application Kadu (kadu.net).
1. Is it possible to add python scripting to application using SIP ?
   I want to have access to (almost) all the classes of this application.
   The module will be (if possible) in shared library and loaded if user want. 

>From now I've got lots of problems with SIP:
2. According to http://www.riverbankcomputing.com/Docs/sip4/sipref.html
  I'v created configure.py and kadu.sip (inside for tests definied only class About : QHbox )
  python configure.py didn't work because .:
  sip: Unable to find file "qt/qhbox.sip"

  How to use sip to get sip files from /usr/share/sip ?

3. I've copy directory qt from /usr/share/sip to this directory and 
now have errors like :
  sip: qt/qhbox.sip:40: Upper bound is not a time version
  sip: qt/qhbox.sip:40: Lower bound is not a time version

  comandline : /usr/bin/sip -c . -b kadu.sbf kadu.sip

  What's wrong? I think that sip dont know qt version.

4. Why %Import qt/qtmod.sip gives Segmentation foult? 
   In sipref.html looks like it must work.

Best regards.
Bartlomiej Zimon

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