[PyQt] Regression in sip 4.7.4 "sip: QPixmap has not been defined"

Adam C Powell IV hazelsct at debian.org
Wed Apr 2 14:48:01 BST 2008

Hello and apologies for the delay,

On Tue, 2008-03-25 at 09:11 +0000, Phil Thompson wrote:
> On Monday 24 March 2008, Adam C Powell IV wrote:
> > Greetings,
> >
> > I am trying to build the Salomé suite from
> > http://www.salome-platform.org/ which built just fine with sip 4.7.3 but
> > now is not working with 4.7.4.
> >
> > More specifically, I am trying to build the Debian package at
> > http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/salome/ and running into trouble as
> > described at Debian bug 469850 http://bugs.debian.org/469850 .
> >
> > The sip command is:
> > /usr/bin/sip -t WS_X11 -t Qt_3_3_8b -x Qt_STYLE_INTERLACE -x
> > /usr/share/sip/qt/qt SALOME_PYQT_GUI.sip and although qpixmap.sip is right
> > in the path, it gives an error:
> > sip: QPixmap has not been defined
> >
> > Given that this worked fine with 4.7.3, either sip or its Debian package
> > seems to be broken.  How can I investigate further?
> Produce a small test case that demonstrates the problem against the standard 
> SIP and PyQt packages.
> Phil

Sorry about the delay.

I'm attaching a small (trivial) file which fails in this way.  sip does
not attempt to open any other files in this directory.  strace output is
at http://lyre.mit.edu/~powell/salome/build-deps/sip.trace

As you can see, it finds qpixmap.sip, and seems to die soon after
reading the last of the .sip files (at least "soon" in the trace).

How can I diagnose further?

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%Module SalomePyQtGUI

%Import qtmod.sip

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