[PyQt] Problem displaying pixmaps added in Qt Designer

Siddhu Warrier siddhu.warrier at ohmsurveys.com
Fri Apr 4 14:44:27 BST 2008


No I'm not using a .qrc file, but a .png file itself. I solved one of
the problems - with the label - that had to do with the .ui file using a
different working directory, i.e. I changed:
<property name="pixmap" >

<property name="pixmap" >

This is because the .py file is located in ., while the GUI is located
in ./img. However, when I do the same to the icon file, it doesn't seem
to work. 



However the same fix does not work for the 
On Fri, 2008-04-04 at 16:57 +0530, Devendra Laulkar wrote:
> Hi,
> > I have a .ui file with a custom .png icon, and a .png image in the
> > window (the .png file is displayed by a Label widget). I created the .ui
> > file using Qt Designer 4. The preview comes out perfect - the image file
> > is located in the same directory.
> Have you run pyrcc4 to compile all images into a python file ?
> You have to generate a python file from the qrc resource file using pyrcc4.
> Eg. if the resource file is image.qrc , I believe you have to run :-
> pyrcc4 image.qrc > image_rc.py
> A resource file is just an XML file specifying the location of resources.
> Check for Qt Resource System in Qt documentation for details.
> HTH.
> -Devendra Laulkar.
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