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Phil Thompson phil at riverbankcomputing.com
Tue Apr 8 10:26:15 BST 2008

I thought I'd forward this on because the competition rules explicitly state 
that entries written with PyQt are acceptable.


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Subject: QtCentre Programming Contest 2008 - http://contest.qtcentre.org
Date: Monday 07 April 2008
From: Witold Wysota <wysota at qtcentre.org>
To: marketplace at trolltech.com

QtCentre Programming Contest 2008 - http://contest.qtcentre.org

April 7th, 2008. QtCentre today launches the second edition of the Qt
Programming Contest, the only programming contest focused on the Qt/Qtopia
community. Last year a range of innovative Qt-based applications were
awarded with various electronic devices - Qtopia(R) enabled mobile phones,
laptop, recreational devices, various books on software development and
more. Perhaps more important, the contestants were shown to the Qt
community and new contacts between developers were made.

  "I participated in the contest last year primarily for getting
   expert validation and review for my project (GCF - Generic Component   
   Framework). After the contest, I got a sound validation and more. 
   GCF won 3rd place in Helper Library category, people started using the
   project, I met a lot of wonderful people later that year when I presented
   the project at FOSS.IN, I might get a chance to present GCF at aKademy
   this year, and I am also able to extract commercial benefit out of the
   project through the consulting work we do from our company (VCreate
   Logic). QtCentre Programming Contest is a great platform to showcase
   code; and even if you lose you win - atleast someone highly experienced
   in the field would have taken a real good look at your code."
     Prashanth N Udupa
     Software Developer
     VCreate Logic (P) Ltd. - Author of GCF and VTK Designer 2

This year's contest accepts entries in the following categories:
collaboration, education, project management, automation, demo, plasmoid
and newcomer. The QtCentre staff are looking forward to a new range of
contestants that will surprise the community with their quality, innovation
and playfulness.

It would not have been possible to hold the contest without the
generous sponsors contributing judges and prizes.

  "We are excited to be a sponsor of QtCentre's Qt Programming Contest
   again this year. It is a great showcase of the skills of the Qt community
   in which KDAB is proud to be a leader."
     Matthias Kalle Dalheimer

  "Trolltech's Qt makes it possible for developers to concentrate on the
   creative process. I regard the QtCentre Programming Contest as an arena
   for developers to inspire each other while using Qt for new and 
   interesting purposes. Qt allows developers to be innovative and to
   program, only once, a range of different applications that work across
   desktops and devices."
     Lars Knoll
     VP of Engineering

  "BitRock is proud to be a sponsor of the 2008 Qt Centre Programming
   Contest. Several great projects came out of last year's contest, and
   we're looking forward to seeing what the contestants come up with this
     Erica Brescia

  "ICS, as one of the largest independent suppliers of Qt services and
   components, is pleased to support QtCentre.org and the second edition of
   their programming contest. By encouraging the independent development of
   original and inspired Qt applications, the QtCentre Programming Contest
   energizes Qt development worldwide. Plus, it is just plain fun to be part
   of this contest."
     Mark Hatch
     Integrated Computer Solutions (ICS)

  "Thorsen Consulting is a group of Qt experts, that help other companies
   write Qt software. We are currently focusing on Qt based desktop
   applications running on multiple platforms. A Qt programming contest is a
   perfect match for us. We really appreciate the work all the people at
   QtCentre is doing for the Qt community, and we are happy to help out with
   a contest prize. We hope the contest will drive people to write even
   better Qt applications, and we look forward to see all the 
     Bo Thorsen
     Thorsen Consulting

  "Apress is pleased to sponsor the Qt Programming Contest. This is a great
   opportunity for all Qt developers, and we're excited to see the finished
     Julie Miller
     Marketing product manager for the open source line

For more information about the contest, rules and registration information,
please visit http://contest.qtcentre.org.

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wiki filled with indepth Qt articles. The goal is to provide the Qt
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QtCentre is used by the vibrant community surrounding Qt. The centre
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proprietary users of Qt.

Witold Wysota
QtCentre Admin Team

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