[PyQt] QT Designer for Custom Widgets.

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Xmmm...i tried what you said, the PyQt examples (examples/designer/plugins).
When I click on "Launch", a message box informs me that "This example will
start Qt Designer when you click the OK button..." but this never happens.
It also says that after that,PyQt examples are going to be found in their
own group in Qt Designer, which also never happens.

A detail: I have installed (Win XP system) latest version of PyQt only, not
QT itself.

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objectref wrote:

>I am reading Mark Summerfields' "Rapid Gui Programming with Python and Qt".
>Until the chapter I am now, I saw that we can build a new custom widget by
>subclassing an existing one and adding our own stuff. All this by code.
>Can I achieve the same thing by using solely the Qt Designer ?? I mean,
>let's say I want to make a widget that practically it is a collection of
>some other, predefined ones, and I want to define some properties on it in
>way that I can see these properties in Designer's Property Editor. Can I do
>this somehow ?
>Thanks for any help!
Look at the PyQt examples in examples/designer/plugins of the PyQt 
sources. There you can see how to write plugins to use your own widget 
classes with Qt Designer.

Also take a look at the PyQt documentation:


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