[PyQt] Introducing PyDingo

piotr maliński riklaunim at gmail.com
Mon Dec 1 15:43:01 GMT 2008

I've created a project called PyDingo, which is a PyQt4 application – file
manager, text editor, and "more". The concept of the application is similar
to Konqueror – a tabbed multi purpose app, but aside "basic" file/text
management options it will allow creating widgets for other things for
example display system stats with pystatgrab by typing url like "stats://"
and so on – call a widget determined by URL.

It won't overcome existing applications like Kate, Konqueror, Dolphin,
Nautilus, TextMate, Windows Commander etc. but it will be useful. The main
goal of this application is to get to the useful stage – solving various
problems (cross platform, feature implementation and so on) on the way (than
can be nicely documented).

Current stage is very Alpha. I have to add few basic elements to get to 0.1,
0.2 stage from which more "fun" can be squeezed from PyDingo coding :) I'm
looking for feedback about the code/used implementations and so on,
especially when it stabilize a bit with 0.2 release. Also coders wanting to
hack a bit on PyDingo in the future are welcomed.

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