[PyQt] QProcess

Matt Smith melkor at orangepalantir.org
Tue Dec 2 15:25:18 GMT 2008

> Hello i have a little problem.
> If i start the process like the sample all work:
> pr = QtCore.QProcess()
> pr.start('python /my_dir/pippo.py')
> but if i compile the pippo.py and i obtain an executable that i run with ./pippo
> how i have to do fur run it with qprocess?
> I have try with
> pr.start('/my_dir/./pippo') and nothig work
> i have also try with pr.start('./ /my/dir/pippo') and also in this way nothing start.
> can you tell me please the correct way to start this process?
> Thanks
> Luca
This answer in no way addresses Qt.  If you want to execute a file in
unix and it is not in your path you need to specify its location.  hence
'./pippo'.  You could also type '/my_dir/pippo'.  so if you can type
'/my_dir/pippo' and it executes pippo from the terminal.  then you can
use that for your QProcess.


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