[PyQt] Problem coding QListWidget

piotr maliński riklaunim at gmail.com
Sat Dec 20 21:06:41 GMT 2008

Well I have one problem right now - enable dropping item/s on another
item in the same widget (to move those files/folders to a folder).
Another one is when I have dropEvent  then the moving of items is
slightly broken, as I described it earlyer - I can select them, move
and drop but they end up in two places - old one (where they still
are), and in the new place (only "drawing", trying to select them will
clear the area) -- do I have to use a QDrag here? Examples from
http://sector.ynet.sk/qt4-tutorial/dnd.html aren't the solution (like
I don't want to use mouseMoveEvent, as it makes more mess).

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