[PyQt] QListView.setModelColumn()

Albert Cervera Areny albertca at hotpop.com
Sun Jan 6 01:17:10 GMT 2008

I've created a QAbstractItemModel which is working properly with a QTreeView. 
The problem is when I want to use QListView it always shows column 0. I've 
tried changing the current visible column by using setModelColumn, but the 
value is ignored. It doesn't matter if I call it before or after filling in 
the model.

Indeed, taking a look at Qt source code, setModelColumn it should be set after 
the model has been filled, as it checks if the column exists. But as I said, 
doesn't work.

Did I misunderstand what setModelColumn() should do? Does this work for anyone 
so I can discard it's a bug?


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