[PyQt] PyKDE4 solid question

Peter Liedler peter at liedler.at
Fri Jan 11 20:26:27 GMT 2008

Hello there,

I try to work on a PyKDE4 application and have problems on finding
tutorials, specially for configuration dialogs and solid. 

Currently I try to determine the block device address of my cdrom, but
it always gives me the AttributeError: device.
In the solid documentation there is a device function in block that
returns the block device as a string. 
Please tell me where I am wrong. Here is my code sample:

	curDevice = Solid.Device.allDevices()
	for cdrom in curDevice:
	    if cdrom.isDeviceInterface (Solid.DeviceInterface.Block):
		drive = cdrom.asDeviceInterface (Solid.DeviceInterface.Block)
		print drive.device()

Thanks in advance


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