[PyQt] konsoleFactory::className()

Jim Bublitz jbublitz at nwinternet.com
Sat Jan 12 03:33:37 GMT 2008

On Friday 11 January 2008 15:41, D.H.J. Takken wrote:
> Op Friday 11 January 2008 17:56:29 schreef Jim Bublitz:
> > On Friday 11 January 2008 06:48, D.H.J. Takken wrote:
> > > Hi,
> > >
> > > Is there anyone having a look at this issue please? I was asked which
> > > PyKDE I am using. I replied to the list, but no response ever since....
> >
> > You can try editing configure.py. Find any reference assigning a value to
> > 'opt_konsolepart' and set it to False.
> The command "cat configure.py | grep konsole" gives me:
>         makefile.extra_libs.append ("konsolepart")
>         target  = os.path.join (opt_kdelibdir, "kde3", "libkonsolepart.so")
>         symlink = os.path.join (opt_kdelibdir, "libkonsolepart.so")
> No trace of anything called opt_konsolepart...

OK - apparently the update (-x switch) never got uploaded - my fault. What you 
have should be identical to PyKDE 3.16.0 from riverbankcomputing.com.

In configure.py:

Try commenting out the "if extra_lib ..." block that contains the first line 
above ("makefile.extra_libs ...", around line 733), then locate the "if 
kde_version ..." block that contains the second two lines above, and comment 
out the entire if block. (around line 765)

That should eliminate all of the konsolePart modifications to the Makefile 
without affecting anything else..

IIRC the problem arose because of changes in distributions after adding the 
konsolePart support that had been requested. If it doesn't build with your 
distribution, there isn't any (simple) way to provide konsolePart support, 
which you probably won't miss anyway.


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